Inspiration | Talika, a large range of eye care, face care and body care treatments

  • Light Therapy

    All the benefits of light in a dual technology: Photo Light Therapy and Beauty Therapy. The two pioneering innovations and exclusive signed Talika.

    For several years, Talika explores the secrets and virtues of the light from the discoveries made by NASA in the 1970s.
    In 2008, the first light reveals a secret: each wavelength of light has a specific treatment under the skin. Thanks to this technological breakthrough, Talika launches first cosmetic revolution and gave birth to the Light Therapy.
    Talika and this revolutionary technology makes it accessible to the general public through mobile devices LED: the Lights.
    - Light 590 ®, stimulating the synthesis of collagen: 32% of wrinkles in 28 days.
    - Light 525 ®, boost brightness: 46% of stains in 28 days.
    - Light DUO ®, a combination of LIGHT and LIGHT 590 ® 525 ® with anti-aging, anti-stain and source brightness time.
     The success was immediate and resounding among both professionals and consumers.

    But the brand, a pioneer in this exploratory Odyssey believes that the light has not revealed all its secrets and launches its laboratories on a large research project around this new approach to care: the PHOTOBEAUTY THERAPY.
    2010 marks a new and decisive discovery: the light energy can be converted into energy carefully.
    By studying this fascinating question, Talika is inspired by the work done by a doctor "children of the moon", whose DNA is destroyed as a result of UV and isolated for the first time an enzyme present in a blue micro-algae, miracle of nature: Photo-Beauty ® Enzyme (the PBE). Once activated by light, this asset has the amazing ability to naturally transform the energy of light in skin-restorative energy and begin the process of repairing damaged DNA skin.
    The DNA of skin cells is valuable, it is the genetic code for the correct operation of the skin. He orders the cells, for example, produce collagen, elastin and regulates the production of melanin. But with time and daily exposure to sunlight, it deteriorates. "Holes", dimers, preventing appear to function normally and accelerating the onset of signs of aging: wrinkles, spots ...

    However, the photo-Beauty Enzyme ® has proven its ability to instantly begin the process of repairing the damage. Activated by natural light energy (day) and artificial (night) it converts dermo-healing energy, it allows the DNA to regain its original shape and functional abilities: the skin regains optimal operation.
    With this biological discovery, Talika launch in 2014 a second revolution cosmetics and give birth to the first topical treatment Anti-Aging and Radiance from the Photo-Beauty Therapy.

  • Nature

    Talika has always been dedicated to beautify each woman through cosmetics with natural ingredients.
    Issues of Indian, African and Asian vegetable crops, Mukul, bark Ngalama oil, Marula, the Horse Chestnut, Mangosteen are all precious plants in the heart of the formulation process Talika.
    The brand is constantly seeking to expand research in biology and botany to innovate around ever more efficient products, ethical and adapted to the specificities of all skin types.

  • Ayruvedic medicine

    India, the second source of inspiration for Talika.
    From beauty rituals from the Ayurvedic medicine, Talika has developed the first care volumizing and firming bust breasts, Bust Phytoserum.
    Unique treatment on the market, carefully developed from Mukul, natural fat binder in the deepest layers of the epidermis, Bust Phytoserum goes further in cosmetic breakthrough for the beauty of the chest.
    Alexis de Brosses tells us more about Ayurvedic medicine:
    What is Ayurvedic Medicine?
    "Ayurveda Veda means knowledge of life. This is a very old Indian medicine inspired by the Hindu scriptures.
    It provides techniques for comprehensive care and beauty plus a spiritual purpose. "

    In your opinion, what are its beneficial contributions to cosmetics?
    "Ayurveda is inspired by nature and harmony for us to pass through treatments and rituals of life.
    The beauty of our skin, our body is naturally magnified by the secrets of natural balance that help rejuvenate our body, calm the mind and nourish the soul. "

    How does this advance was majeure Talika?
    Talika for harmony is the secret of all beauty. Ayurveda, with its millennial knowledge of plants and his philosophy of life comes naturally join the spirit of Talika is to provide women and men the greatest gifts that Nature has in store.

  • Trips

    During travel, the transmission of ancient knowledge, beauty rituals, whether traditional Chinese medicine in Indian Ayurvedic massage is essential for the creator of Talika.

    Always looking for new cosmetic concepts, ancestral knowledge from around the world, Alexis de Brosses, travels the world to meet the wise experts welfare. In the course of their trade, there is valuable advice, armed with a century old tradition, which he will add his creative genius to develop the best cosmetics.
    With this bias, Alexis says: "It all started when one of my trips to China A doctor I met made ​​me share the virtues of traditional Chinese medicine, which is one of the precepts. "the eye is the mirror of the liver."
    I then undertook a true reflection on the link between toxins, dark circles and puffiness. A basic agreement between detoxification and a clear and young smoothed gaze. This discovery led me to develop eye care
    softer and more respectful for this so sensitive area. "