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Zero Stretch Mark

Did you know that 80% of women have had or will have stretch marks  in their lives ?

With this study, Talika innovator in the treatment of stretch marks by creating the first curative care market, effective on stretch marks installed.
The stretch marks, the causes are many, and does not prevent strikes at any age. Physical and physiological discomfort for women.

"When playing a fundamental study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, I realized that the stretch mark was a kind of wrinkle or scar idea commonly gained so far, and that should be treated differently, specifically." Alexis de Brosses, President.

From this discovery, Talika has isolated an active agent capable of reversing the process of appearance of stretch marks, D-Stretch ®, and integrated into a formula for anti-stretch marks, over the years the skin regains its original appearance.
Enriched with concentrated extract of saw palmetto, this asset in the heart of the formula Zero ® Stretch Marks relaxed fibroblasts contracted so they resynthétisent collagen and elastin to reverse the original effect stretch marks.
Major breakthrough in the world of cosmetics, this treatment visibly reduces deep color and surface striae emerging or installed.

Vital Oil

The history of cosmetics dates back to ancient Egypt, around 3000 BC.
In their quest for perfection and beauty, the Egyptians were true pioneers in the field of care.
Besides ... The beauty queens of Egypt Is not legendary?

For this rare beauty, they had a great power of seduction.
It is even said that these women made ​​all the crazy men on whom they cast their sights.
To the Egyptians, the essential oils were the lifeblood of the plant. These plant oils were at the heart of their cosmetic and medicinal thought.
From the extraction of essential oils from aromatic plants, they developed miraculous ointments. The oils were even used for embalming and participated in


According to them, these precious oils, brought to the skin and senses, a real breath of life.
These recipes care of the Egyptians, were kept secret.
Transcribed initially on the walls of temples and recorded on papyrus, their formulas have survived.
"" One of my uncles, biologist, "nose" and passionate about ancient texts, gave me a few years ago, the secret of the millennium vegetable oils. I then made ​​and developed
with his help and knowledge a Universal Oil Care. "" Alexis de Brosses, President.
In one bottle, a unique formula, a concentrate of life, each day brings your skin the nutrients essential to its health, its energy, its beauty.
The purest and most refined oils, blend in the heart of oil Vitale ®: Jasmine, pink, lavender.


Paris, 1948.
A young doctor eye specialist, Dr. Danielle Roches, treats major war wounded severely burned eye level.
In these end times of war, a shortage of chemicals affecting the country, forcing the young doctor to formulate a healing cream after a recipe grandmother: a complex of 12 plants so far kept secret.
Innatendu side effect, this cream has the power to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows: one month after starting treatment, the soldiers watch eyelashes longer, thicker and fuller.
Isolated in the heart of the formula Lipocils ®, the pioneer complex revolutionizing the cosmetics industry: with over 8 million units sold worldwide, this treatment is the best-selling Talika brand footprint of our history.

Attracted by its effectiveness, the biggest stars of Hollywood, the supermodel and specialized bloggers have made it their favorite.

Still looking for the perfect care Talika has continued to innovate in the formulation of Lipocils ® through the development of a cream, then a treatment mascara for easy application.
Going further into the cosmetic research, Talika launched in 2009 Lipocils Expert ® a unique formula that in addition to stimulate eyelash growth, increases the natural pigmentation and increases their curvature.
His new method of application mascara carefully with a sponge allows a more expert and practical use. Its light gel formula and ultra penetrating allows daily use of care.

Light Duo

"A device to reverse time."

Genes, sun, pollution, aging skin ... Over time, the appearance of the skin changes. Wrinkles form and brown spots appear.
Aware of the ravages of time on the skin, Talika wished innovated around the machine back in time, appliance go real beauty offering unprecedented anti-aging benefits.

Since the 70s, thanks to NASA's space vehicles experience flights, highlights the metabolism needs of visible light to operate and identifies therapeutic certain frequencies of light on the skin.
In collaboration with researchers from the Hospital de la Pitie Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, the Talika laboratories have identified two wavelengths 590 nm and 525 nm * * acting on heart cells and offer spectacular results.

Orange light (590 nm) naturally stimulates fibroblasts, which synthesize collagen and elastin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles and gives the skin its tone.
Green light (525 nm): Reduces existing dark spots and prevents the appearance of new spots by regulating melanin production by modulating the activity of melanocytes.

Identical to advances in cosmetic dermatology, Light Duo offers to every woman luminous radiation technology for firmer, smoother skin.