ORIGINS | Talika, the beauty you were born with. But better, naturally.

  • Talika Promise

    Talika believes that every woman is beautiful. We believe in building on this inherent natural beauty from the inside out, deep within the cells themselves, and nourishing it. 

    Encouraging it. Enlightening it. 

    To do this, our skincare, beauty boosters, and light-therapy instruments combine the scientific benefits of 97 percent all-natural ingredients plus breakthrough therapies to deliver radiant, younger-looking skin. Longer, lush lashes. And full, more defined brows. Talika ingeniously combats the effects of aging and daily life through low-maintenance, restorative treatments that deliver proven results and empower women to nurture—and own—the beauty they were born with. Naturally.

  • President's word

    "I believe that everyone is able to reveal its inner beauty. With this philosophy, Talika is more than cosmetic brand: a living entity. Talika - just like our body, our skin, our cells - is in constant interaction with the world around him, with the perpetual adapt and want to listen to his inspiration.
    The secret to healthy skin is its internal balance. We always create stimulating energy and naturally boosting the original cell function solutions. Talika is a world of sharing - discovery, science, technology - whose mission is to spread knowledge and rituals. Solutions specific care, hi-tech devices and comprehensive programs of beauty created by Talika are the expression of this world innovation and are always designed with the idea of ​​exploiting the natural potential of the skin. "
    Alexis de Brosses, President

  • Talika's values

    Explore - discover - transmit
    What better way to explore that through travel? During his travels around the world, the creator of Talika, Alexis De Brosses explores the beauty secrets of women, their rituals and their vision of well-being. A trip recipes grandmother to the greatest discoveries.

    Discovery, you said discovery! Talika behind every product lies a creative process based on scientific research and the discovery of a secret, a fact of nature.
    Indeed, Talika care each have a story, following a meeting between man and nature.
    Techniques of Ayurvedic medicine, beauty queens Egyptian rituals, NASA research, these studies have led to a care Talika.

    That would be a discovery without transmission? Talika is given the task of transmitting its cosmetic knowledge through increasingly sophisticated innovations. Whether it's a secret to a Chinese sage healer, a major discovery borrowed from medicine, or studies of light rays produced by NASA, Talika wants to spread these advances for women's world.

  • A unique brand

    Over the years, Talika has developed a range of highly innovative beauty products to meet the expectations of women.
    Talika focuses on four critical and highly visible areas: eyes, hands, face and body.
    The promise of Talika is to offer products based on natural ingredients that guarantee visible results. This formula is the key to success Talika worldwide.

    In this unique position, Talika is a unique brand on niche segments, venturing into the unexplored trails of cosmetics.

  • Our history

    All stories begin with a myth ... Do you know the word "serendipity"?
    Serendipity is a discovery made by chance by a combination of circumstances.
    Our story begins here, by an unexpected discovery.

    In 1948, a young doctor eye specialist in Hospitals of Paris, named Danielle Roches treated war wounded severely burned at eye level. Bactericidal cream it made with plant extracts show very specific properties. In addition to treating injuries, this cream applied to the eye area, has a surprising side effect: to significantly boost the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows of his patients.

    This discovery is the basis of our society. In 1948, Danielle Roches created the company bearing his name, focusing on the beauty and growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Over the years, millions of women, including many movie stars and models took advantage of the benefits of Talika Lipocils and became unconditional Talika brand. Talika today strives to bring this expertise and know-how for all women.