Legs Tonic - Launch Offer

The 1st electronic patch for lighter legs*, inspired by electrostimulation

Legs Tonic - Launch Offer : beauty devices, electrostimulation

Relaxes the legs, reduces swelling, slim…

1 device + 2 patchs




Legs Tonic is a next-generation electronic device designed to soothe, tone and slim down your legs, in just 20 minutes.

Compact and easy-to-use, it simply sticks to the calf and sends “anti-water” electrical impulses that stimulate localized microcirculation.

It is used to prevent discomfort during prolonged standing or sitting (travel, sedentary jobs, etc.), during very hot weather or shortly after these situations, to reduce swelling and soothe. Can be used standing, sitting or lying down.

The program last 20 minutes, and the power of the electric impulse is adjustable (32 levels of intensity).

After the 1st session, the results are extraordinary:
• Swelling of the legs divided by a factor of 4**
• Slimmer legs
• More toned legs
• Relaxed legs

A real concentration of technology that makes legs seem weightless!

Pack contains 1 electrostimulation device and 2 reusable patchs


• Electrostimulation: sends “anti-water” electrical impulses that stimulate localized microcirculation, to lighten and slim down the legs.

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• Occasionally, to tone, soothe and slim the legs during or after the following situations: hot weather, prolonged standing, shuffling, prolonged sitting (travel by plane, train, car or bus), etc.
• Daily, to relax and tone the legs of people whose jobs require prolonged standing or sitting, in cases of sedentariness or overweight.

• Attach Legs Tonic to a calf, launch the program, select a level of intensity, and let the patch do its job for 20 minutes.
• Repeat this process on the other calf. For more information, please see the user instructions.

* by Talika
** Clinical test – 20 subjects – one 30-minute session




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