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Fights hand dryness and aging

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Turn back the hands of time! The moisturizing glove offers a new response to fight hand dryness and aging.

The gel used in the lining of the glove performs the following action:

- Releases a mix of strong moisturizing agent
- Nourishes and smooths the skin surface
- Reduces ages spots and wrinkles

Why are they unique ?

- The gloves adapts itself to the shape of the hand
- The internal structure in polymer allows for a progressive release of active ingredients
- The active ingredients are only diffused by the contact of the skin therefore not loosing their efficiency over time
- The moisturizing gloves does not absorb the impurity of the skin yet it can be washed without losing efficiency



Fights hand dryness and aging 
Intense hydration

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Avocado oil
( Vitamins A & C): Brings softness, shine, suppleness
Vitamine E: Anti-aging – Anti-redness – Protection against environmental agressions.
Jojoba oil: Nourrishes and fights skin dryness. Gives a « satin like » effect to the skin.
Olive oil: Anti-dryness.
Mineral oil:Protective film.
Canola oil: Smooth the skin.
Ceramides III: Anti wrinkle, restores cellular barrier of the skin.
Grape seed oil: Tones of the skin and get rid of toxin.


The gloves must be worn during 30 to 45 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week.
For an intensive treatment, wear the glove all night.

The gloves can be hand washed with warm water and soap and let dry without twisting during at least 24 hours.
Maximum uses = 40 times.




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