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Bust Phytoserum

The 1st natural "push-up" bust serum*, inspired by Ayurvedic techniques.

Bust Phytoserum : body care, body

Visibly increases the size of the bust, …

70 ml




What woman has never dreamed of a luscious, perky chest without having to wear a push-up bra or go through cosmetic surgery?

Inspired by an age-old Indian remedy, Bust Phytoserum combines the best bust-enhancing ingredients in an aqueous gel that is quickly absorbed to allow for fast dressing.

Developed by the Talika Research team, an expert in bust care since 2008, its exclusive formula contains guggul, which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for the past 3,000 years, and mangosteen, an ultra-nutritional “superfruit,” both of which – unlike caffeine – have the ability to capture and store lipids in adipose tissue.

Bust Phytoserum acts on the three “dimensions” of an ideal chest:

1. SIZE: +24.8 cm3 per breast** (equivalent to 2 tablespoons!)
2. LIFT: wrinkles reduced by 14,6%***
3. FIRMNESS: 10,8% more elasticity****

Plumper, smoother and perkier, your chest has never looked so good!

The perfect treatment for women who dream of a larger bust and for those whose bust has decreased in size with age or after pregnancy or dieting.


• Ayurvedic guggul and mangosteen: visibly plump the chest, by capturing and storing fatty acids in the skin.
• Quince hydrogel: moisturizes and smooths.
• Sea kelp bioferment: smooths wrinkles and fine lines around the neckline, and firms the chest for better natural support.

89% ingredients of natural origin.

Dermatologically tested.

See the full ingredients list


Morning & night, as a one-month treatment, repeated periodically for enhanced effectiveness.
Apply from the base of chest upwards and massage in large figure-8 motions, up to the top of the neckline.
Do not use if under age 18, during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.

* by Talika
** In-vivo testing – 18 subjects – 84 days
*** In-vivo testing – 20 subjects – 28 days – average depth 
**** In-vivo testing – 20 subjects – 28 days – average 

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Bust Phytoserum

The 1st natural "push-up" bust serum*, inspired by Ayurvedic techniques.

Bust Phytoserum : body care, body



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