S.O.S Party Kit

Bio Enzymes Mask Hydrating + Eye Therapy Patch + Bubble Mask Bio-Detox + Eye Decompress

S.O.S Party Kit : eye care, eye contour




Bursting with hydrophilic sugars, alpine flowers, and hyaluronic acid, the Hydrating Bio Enzymes Mask® instantly refreshes andsoothes dry and sensitive skin. Made of a bio-cellulose base, the shape of which allows for intimate contact with the contours of the face so the active ingredients soak right into the epidermis. 

Results***** :  In 30 minutes, the skin is : moisturized 100%, nourished 94% and softer 93%.


The 1st reusable immediate smoothing patch inspired by repairing techniques*.

Talika research team successfully formulated an eye patch capable of instantaneously smoothing the area around the eye. As soon as it was launched, the impressive effectiveness of the Eye Therapy Patch won over everyone who tried it. Ever since, it has been gaining in popularity every day. 

Results : Eye Therapy Patch acts on all the signs of fatigue around the eyes: immediate skin-firming effect: 81%** of satisfaction and reduction of puffiness: 82%***.

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The 1st soothing eye mask-tablet inspired by Asian traditions*. 

Eye Decompress is an internal and external deep relaxation treatment/regime for skin and wellbeing to promote cutaneous andspiritual regeneration. An invigorating mask for the eye contour a 10-minute relaxation podcast. This ingenious, practical and sensorial product is compact, portable and hygienic, instantly ready to use whenever the need arises.

Results****: After a 10-minute mask use the eye contour is: relaxed 97%, less tired 94%, decongested 93%, smoother 91% and 96% of users feel more relaxed with our relaxing podcast.


The 1st oxygenating anti-pollution mask inspired by Korean detox methods*. 

When it comes into contact with your skin, the Bubble Mask Bio-Detox Detox’s charcoal fabric foams with hundreds
and thousands of oxygen microbubbles. A fine white, dense foam forms, enveloping your face in a genuine ‘oxygen mask’.
What a feeling!

Results: After 10 minutes of Bubble Mask Bio-Detox, your skin is soothed, rehydrated and detoxed. Your pores are tighter and your face cleaner, brighter and glowing with freshness!

(*) by Talika  (**) Satisfaction test - 32 volunteers (***) Use test - 32 volunteers - % of volunteers in whose case reduction in puffiness was measured. (****) Satisfaction test - 65 volunteers - % expressed
(*****) satisfaction test - 40 volunteers - 1 use.





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