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At the same time, EYE SHADOW LIFT, cream eye shadow can beautify and show off your eyes with its ‘lifting’, smoothing effect.
- The first « lifting » creamy eye shadow* that is make-up while simultaneously being an eyelid care.
- High performance make-up, this eye shadow also introduces colour to skin care: it is a moisturiser, a lifting and firming agent.
- Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.
- 3 patents.

EYE SHADOW LIFT moisturises the skin from the 1st minute. After 8 weeks, the eyelids become firmer and visibly «lifted». From the 1st application: eyelids visibly lifted 57%** After 28 days of use: firmed eyelids 63%***, reduced wrinkles and fine lines 65%***

*by Talika **Satisfaction test - 106 volunteers ***Satisfaction test - 99 volunteers - 28 days


TALIKA has concentrated all the experience of its bestseller LIPOCILS EXPERT in an eyelashes boosting eyeliner. At the forefront of innovation, LIPOCILS LINER does not focus on skin care or make-up.
-The 1st fine tip eyeliner* that is simultaneously make-up and helps boost eyelash growth.
- TALIKA Research has remained committed to its successful formula in LIPOCILS EXPERT: it is a real achievement to integrate the same key ingredients in LIPOCILS LINER.
- The eyeliner format allows the key ingredients to be applied as close as possible to the root of the lashes, where ciliary growth takes place, for maximum effectiveness.
- Intense black colour.
- An ultra-handy pen for easy, clean and precise strokes.
- Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.
- A liner that combines long-lasting and easy make-up removal.
- 6 patents.

With LIPOCILS LINER, the eyelash line is drawn in seconds. After 28 days, eyelashes are naturally longer and more numerous. - Clinically proven growth: +1,1 mm in length** - Satisfaction: enhanced look: 90%*** 81% of people recommend this product to their friends***

*by Talika **Clinical test - 30 subjects - 28 days - 2 applications per day - average ***Satisfaction test - 102 volunteers - 28 days - % expressed.

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No need to look elsewhere, EYE DETOX CONCEALER is the ideal anti-fatigue and anti-aging concealer, it is a perfect two-in-one, it hides and cares for all eye contour problems at the same time.
- The 1st anti-aging tinted concealer* that hides and treats dark circles, bags, signs of fatigue and smooths out fine lines instantly.
- Beneath a flawless make-up effect, it conceals multiple care benefits. It is an anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkle, smoothing, firming, decongestant concealer as well as having an immediate moisturising effect all at the same time.
- Effective for all types of dark circles (blue and brown).
-Can be used alone or in addition to an eye contour care.
- Available in three shades: porcelain, beige, bronze.
- Optimal coverage & long-lasting.
- Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.
- 6 patents.

From the 1st application using EYE DETOX CONCEALER, dark circles will fade, eye contour will be rehydrated for a brighter and radiant look. 
After 8 weeks, the eye CONTOUR become firmer and visibly «lifted».

*by Talika




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