Night Quintessence

The 1st skin "photorejuvenation" night cream, inspired by Photo-Beauty Therapy.

Night Quintessence : skin care, anti aging treatment

Total anti-aging: anti-wrinkle, skin-fir…

50 ml




Drawing youth from visible light*? Today, you can, thanks to Talika’s Research team!

Night Quintessence is, in fact, the 1st night cream** whose anti-aging effects are greatly increased by light.

It works all night long, thanks to an active complex whose action is triggered by natural or artificial light and lasts for hours: Photo-Beauty Enzyme helps repair the skin’s DNA after it has been altered by UV rays during the day, and Hydra Photo-Beauty provides deep moisturizing down to the core of the skin’s cells.

For complete anti-aging action, Night Quintessence also incorporates moisturizing, replenishing hyaluronic acid, a firming anti-wrinkle peptide, nourishing mango butter, and energizing adenosine.

After 28 days, the skin is smoother (93%), firmer (80%), more luminous (95%) and deeply moisturized (100%)***.

Youthfulness regained!


• Light-activated Photo-Beauty Enzyme: helps repair UV damage to the skin’s DNA.
• Light-activated Hydra Photo-Beauty: moisturizes deeply, beyond the outer layers of the skin, down to the core of its cells.
• Anti-aging peptides: reduce wrinkles and firm the skin.
• Hyaluronic acid: retains up to 1,000 times its weight in water, and replenishes and smooths the skin.
• Vitamin B3: reduces the intensity of dark spots and brightens the complexion.
• Adenosine: provides the skin cells with energy.
• Mango butter: softens, nourishes and provides immediate comfort.

81% ingredients of natural origin.
Dermatologically tested.

See the full ingredients list


Every evening, throughout the year, applied to a clean, dry face, neck and chest, after Light Quintessence Serum.

* Not resulting from direct exposure to the sun
** by Talika
*** Satisfaction survey – 43 volunteers – % of voiced opinions




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