Photo-Pure Scrub

The 1st "detox" scrub mask, inspired by Photo-Beauty Therapy.

Photo-Pure Scrub : skin care, facial cleanser

Gently exfoliates, detoxifies, and resto…

50 ml




What if light could become a source of purification?

A combination of a scrub and a detoxifying mask, Photo-Pure Scrub is capable of deep, gentle purification of the skin. Its secret: a key ingredient with unique action that draws energy from light**, extra power that detoxifies the skin down to the core of its cells.

Its ultra-gentle formula, containing no grains or chemical exfoliants, is suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate. White kaolin clay restores minerals and rebalances the skin, Photo-Beauty Purifyer captures deep-down free radicals, and wild chamomile blossom has a soothing effect.

1) MASK: apply a thin layer to a clean face, neck and chest and let sit for 5 minutes.
2) SCRUB: massage the product in to gently exfoliate the skin and eliminate impurities, then rinse.

After the 1st week of use, the skin can “breathe” better. It is detoxified (83%), more luminous (89%), less shiny (89%) and softer (84%)*.

Regain the fresh complexion of your childhood!


• Light-activated Photo-Beauty Purifyer: helps trap free radicals down to the core of skin cells.
• Kaolin: restores minerals, absorbs excess sebum, purifies, and gently exfoliates.
• Wild chamomile blossom: soothes.
• Sweet almond proteins: moisturize.

Dermatologically tested.
Contains no grains or chemical exfoliants.

For all skin types.

See the full ingredients list


Once or twice a week, throughout the year.
Apply a thin layer to the face, let sit for 5 minutes, scrub in a circular motion, then rinse.

* Satisfaction survey – 19 volunteers – % of voiced opinions
** Not resulting from direct exposure to the sun




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