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Pink Clay Mask

Skin as fresh as a rose in 10 minutes

Pink Clay Mask : skin care, masks
1 mask - 14g




Perfect for people willing to swap their dull, blurred complexion for a delicate, fresh, pure and radiant complexion. Look well, look good!


• Unweaved sheet mask, fresh and infused with pink clay that reveals the whole subtle delicateness of the complexion: original purity, glow and fineness of the skin’s texture. A ‘porcelain’ complexion, fresh as a rose.
• Ultra-comfortable fabric filled with pink clays (white + red clays), enriched with centella asiatica extracts, the ‘tiger herb’.
• Practical and easy to use, it is made of 2 parts that adapt to every face shape, easy to apply and to remove.
• Asset: pleasant, it does not dry out or tight the skin and is removed without rubbing, contrary to the usual drawbacks of clay. The skin looks pure, smooth to the touch, as “immaculate”.
• Efficient in 10 minutes flat.
• Immediate visible result.
• Designed for delicate skins, suitable for all skin types.

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From the 1st 10-minute use, the skin is visibly smoother (81%*), softer (82%*).
The complexion is clearly fresher (82%*), purer (87%*) and looks oxygenated (88%*).

  • « Bright complexion » effect: 82%*.
    General satisfaction: 86%*.
*Satisfaction test, 79 volunteers, % expressed.


• White clay (white kaolin): regenerating, purifying, for a ‘porcelain’ complexion.
• Red clay (red kaolin): reveals radiance, softening and remineralising, for a rose complexion.
• Calamine: zinc and iron oxides mineral extracts, purifying and soothing.
• Centella asiatica : inspired by traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic medicines, it is calming.
98% ingredients of natural origin.
Dermatologically tested.


Usage: one to twice a week.
1. Remove the 2 protective films on each part of the mask.
2. Apply them on clean, dry face. Smooth out to fix in place.
3. Leave sit for 10 minutes.
4. Remove the mask, rinse with clear water.




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